Supernatural is a heart-wrenching show full of inspiring messages about family and fate

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YA lit meme: [1/8] otps:
↳Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark
"Because I don’t want you forgetting how different our circumstances are. If you die, and I live, there’s no life for me at all back in District Twelve. You’re my whole life,”he says. "I would never be happy again."

J. K. Trolling.

J. K. Trolling.

Said the Time Lord Barty Crouch Jr. (tehe)

ϟ Mockingjay quotes.

The Hunger Games quotes.

Catching Fire quotes

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Minimalist posters » Harry Potter

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Favorite Everlark quotes from Catching Fire, Part 1.

  • The Hunger Games: Because she came here with me.
  • Catching Fire: If it weren't for the baby.
  • Mockingjay: And you in 13, dead by morning.